Integrations shouldn’t be this hard.

While working at our previous company, we had to build a ton of integrations. More than we can count. Every time we built an integration, there were two more that we needed to build.

“This is insane”, we thought, “we can’t keep spending engineering time on integrations. We need to focus on making features more awesome. Is there an app that can give us ready-made integrations that we can drop into our app?

”That was the question that started our search for a better way to connect apps together. We couldn’t find an app that would provide a seamless experience between our app and the apps our users used on a regular basis.

Worse-  more apps are being created every day, the picture keeps getting more complex.

“Everyone needs integrations”, we mused, correctly, “how is there no decent company doing this?” After three years of building integrations, we decided to take the plunge and start Integry. We vowed that no engineer should suffer our fate. We would provide pre-made integrations and app builders could just pick and add them to their apps.

“Better than sliced bread!”, our early customers cheered. We agreed. App builders could now shift much needed time to their own product rather than worrying about tens of apps to integrate with.

So, that’s how we started. We are engineers, product designers, and customer success managers that want your apps to be awesome by supercharging it with integrations.

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