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Dashboard showing app analytics
Use analytics to get detailed information on the status of your integrations, users, API calls, apps, templates and lots more. Read More

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Keep in touch with how your integrations are performing

Health summary

Quick Health Summary

Get a quick summary on how millions of API calls are doing and identify any issues quickly.

High-Level View

Our visual health bars give you a birds eye view of your integration’s health and performance at a glance.
Integration view
Latest integration trends

Checkout the Latest Trends

Learn which apps are the most popular with users and find out what they are looking for.

Fast Debugging

Super simple large workflow debugging, you can zoom in on any user, API call or workflow

Fast debugging for integrations

No Log Sifting

We summarize all logs and visually help you navigate all layers quickly to whatever you’re looking for.

Drill Down

Go down to a template level, an individual user, a single integration created, a particular execution of the integration, a particular step in the execution or the actual API call in the step.

Insights and Reports

Get analytics on the number of integrations being created per app or per template.

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Fahd Rafi

Integry's ability to build an eco-system on top of your API is the best I've seen

Fahd Rafi, Chief Architect, Microsoft, California

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