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Integry comes with a ton of apps for you to use in your workflows
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Connect APIs
Connect with any type of API using our App Connector tool. You have access to all the apps we add to our platform. Read More

Connect Quickly

App Connector helps you connect to any API quickly, with minimal code

Our low-code editor with built-in components helps you connect to APIs in no time.
Low code
Once you create an App, you can distribute it to all SaaS companies on Integry and they can start building workflows immediately.
App distribution
Customize all aspects of existing apps. From the logos in the authorization screen to the app permissions. Or have your own listing on the app's marketplace.
White labeled app connectors

Lay a Strong Foundation

Create your connectors with high-quality features.

Restful SOAP

Restful, SOAP

Integry supports a growing list of API formats and styles to suit your use case.

Push or Poll

The App Connector provides support for a wide-range of API patterns whether they are webhooks or polling-based.
Picture screen app Push/Poll actions

Built-in Pagination

App Connector’s built-in support for pagination makes it easy to import data from any API.

Data Types

Is your API using US Date format and the other guys are using European? We’ll handle that for you.
Data types
Multi authentications

Multiple Authentications

Pick from any of the many authentication types to connect with your API types including API Key, Basic, and OAuth 2.0.


You don’t have to do a lot to get your integrations up and running—Integry does most of it for you.

Auto integrations

Powerful Data Virtualization

Our powerful data virtualization allows the underlying API to change without impact to your workflows. We make sure the data looks the same to you each time.

Intelligent API Traffic Management

Does the API limit how many requests you can make? Integry will dynamically adjust the speed of your requests to match the API’s limits.

Powerful Error Handling

If you get an error in the API, you can perform a variety of actions from retrying, waiting, canceling, notifying or custom actions.

What People Are Saying

Integry helped us dramatically grow our Enterprise pipeline with short term actionable solutions, while empowering our Product team with valuable long term insights on integration usage!

Gilles Bertaux, CEO

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