Agile Crm

Agile CRM is a privately held software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that specializes in customer relationship management software. The company offers sales, marketing and service CRM for small businesses.
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Agile CRM is the all-in-one CRM. The CRM you'll need to up your sales, marketing, and other services. Manage your contacts, appointments along with one-click calling, voicemail automation. Keep your sales on track by monitoring deals and their status. Manage all your projects from one place. Create marketing campaigns and embed social media platforms in them using the Social Suite. See how your emails are performing with powerful analytics tools. With all this set up your helpdesk and improve your customer relations by capturing customer feedback. Resolve customer queries quickly by setting up an automated ticketing system. Create your knowledge base. The contacts you create automatically sync with Integry.

App Capabilities

Automate your sales, marketing and other services with Agile CRM. Using our integrations add the ability to your app to

  • Create contacts in Agile CRM
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