Referral Rock

Unlock hidden referrals by making it easy for your customers and partners through Referral Rock.
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A software designed to let businesses create tailored referral programs that lets them stand-out. The app lets you make beautiful referral programs, with its easy to use interface, built-in templates, craft personalized programs, track and manage them. Take control of your customer experience, add value to it. Brand and design according to your business, send personalised message using one of the multiple channels option available. Create rules for rewards and integrate with your sales process stay on top of actions and purchases. Map your sales process to Referral Rocket's referral status. Align referral marketing with your existing marketing and much more. The members created automatically sync with Integry. 

App Capabilities

Let your app create exuberant referral programs with Referral Rocket. Add the ability to your app to

  • Create Members in Referral Rock

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