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Our Mission

Help humankind make better tools

Great technology was supposed to help us.
Instead, it’s got us working for it.

Our tools don't work with each other.
Instead, we are their go-between.

That's what we're here to do:
Help humankind make better tools that work with each other.

About Integry

We're helping product teams every where create powerful, automatable apps. Apps that can talk to any app, push or pull data, and be more useful.

A new kind of company, not restricted by time or space

We’re not tied down by location or time. Work when you’re the most creative, where you’re the most creative. Go out, come back in. You don’t need to permission.

Decision-making at the edge of work

Most companies are centralized, all decisions coming in from a supposed genius-savant. That would be a boring place to work. We give you the context so you can make your own decisions. That means no waiting for approvals, moving fast and owning large areas.


A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.

Initial Interview

A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.

Mini Project

A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.

Final Interview

A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.


A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.

Career Launch

A design collaboration tool to let you work effectively.

Our Hiring Process

Profile Review

We look at your work background, determine fit

Preliminary Call

Have a brief call with us. Get to know, we'll get to know you. We'll talk shop.

Integry Dataroom

We'll share internal pitch decks, videos for you to understand Integry better

Meet the Team

During this stage, you'll chat with 1-3 members of Integry's team to understand your role.

Online Assesment

Based upon your role, we'll you'll to fill a questionnare, a coding assignment or an apptitude test. For more senior roles, we'll also ask for a 1, 3, 9 month action plan

Final Interview

Usually with the CEO, he's not that bad. well, mostly.

Perks of working at Integry

Top 1% Talent, Top 1% Salary

We hire the very best top 1% and we pay the top 1% of the market.

Work from anywhere

We are a fully distributed company with team members working across three different continents.

Unlimited Vacations

Any one can take a few hours, days, weeks off without approval. We don’t track how many days you’re away.

Work from any Co-working Space

Maybe you don’t want to work from home or you can’t. In that case, pick any coworking space near you and we’ll pay for it.

Work at any time

We’re also distributed in time. We don’t have timings; we have regular check-ins. You work at whatever time suits you.

Up to Six Month Paid Maternity Leave

We also provide leaves in case of miscarriage.

Awesome gear

Upgrade your own laptop or a get a custom, top-of-the-line laptop from us.

Education Fund

We’ll pay for any books, courses or material you need to purchase.

Home Office Renovation Budget

We want you to be comfortable working from home. We’ll assign an Interior Designer to you who will work with you to renovate your home office.

Medical coverage for you, your family, your parents, or anyone you care about

So long as you have a valid receipt or invoice. Your coverage includes dental and vision as well.

Home Utilities Support

We’ll cover internet, backup internet while you work from home.

Stock Options

You’ll get stock options in Integry Inc. USA.

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Life at Integry


Employee Testimonials

As the fourth person to join Integry, I can safely say that the past three years have been the best ones of my personal and professional life. I've learned immensely from this team of brilliant people. Over the past years of my experience here, it has only gotten better every day. Being able to work remotely has brought me closer to my family and I've also been able to travel a lot. Workcation is a very real thing if you work at Integry!
If you're hungry to learn,
want to organize your day
the way you want, and love the idea of being able to spend your time doing more of what you love, Integry is the answer!

Wahaj Khan,

Customer Acquisition

I can’t believe how far I have come in the last six months! The team here is great: patient, non-judgmental and super helpful. I’m doing the work that I absolutely Love!
I am where I dreamed of being: a fast-paced work environment, which promotes professional growth, accepts diversity and empowers each employee to be innovative in what  they do.

Sarah Usman,

Integration Engineer

It's wonderful learning new things and growing each day at Integry.
While the work is hard, you get immense satisfaction from getting it done with a tightly knit network of colleagues. Integry gives you tremendous freedom to schedule your time and place to your own pace and liking.
There's a lot of responsibility and trust that really makes you part of the mission.

Maryum Rehman,

Junior Quality Assurance Engineer