Integry Flow:
Custom Integration Builder for your users

Instead of creating each integration for your users in advance, empower your users to design their own integrations.
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Workflow builder for integrations

Create Any Flow

Users can create any number of integrations that are relevant to your app, such as:

When a contact is added to my app, create the contact on Mailchimp.
Unlimited apps for integrations
When a task is done on my app, send a message on Slack.
Import app data for integrations
When a message is received on WhatsApp, update the customer record on my app.
Pull app data for integrations
When an order is completed on my app, send a message via Sendgrid.
Two way sync for integrations
Step based integration workflow

Rapid Deployment

It takes under an hour to get the Flow builder in the hands of your users. You only need a subdomain and build your app's connector or have our onboarding team do it for you.

Simple yet powerful integration builder

We've implemented the simplest possible UI for non-technical users and developers alike.
Conditional logic
Custom css and help

An integration builder for your domain

You can set up the Flow builder on an integry subdomain, a custom domain or embed in your app (coming soon).

Create integrations with hundreds of apps

Integry handles adding new apps for your users on a weekly basis. Freeing your engineering and product teams. Request Integry to add an app or build a connector on your own.
Control flow
Advanced logic in integrations

Complete solution

Users are able to set up the integration, map their custom fields, test out the integration and monitor it. Very few changes are needed at your end.

Simple used-based pricing

Every time an integration is executed, regardless of the number of steps in it, it is considered a single run. With our free forever tier, you get access to 10k free runs. Commitment-based discounts also available.
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Control flow
Advanced logic in integrations

Remix integrations

Users can create and share integrations with other users. Enable your users to organically figure out how they want to use your product.

Programmatic SEO

Each integration gets its own landing page helping you rank higher in search engine result pages.
Control flow

Hundreds of other features

Checkout these amazing features that will help make your life easier.

What People are Saying

testimonial photo
Gilles Bertaux, CEO

Integry helped us dramatically grow our Enterprise pipeline with short term actionable solutions, while empowering our Product team with valuable long term insights on integration usage!

testimonial photo
Gehad Moeiza, Engineering Manager

Integry gives us a fast and easy way to include integrations with the Sendinblue app so customers can sync contacts from various platforms with ease.

testimonial photo
Brandon Christman, Integration Success Manager longer having to deal with connecting new integrations to our app and especially not having to worry about deprecated APIs

testimonial photo
Adeel Raza, CEO

Integry takes one big problem off our plate and lets us focus on the business instead. We don't have to worry about coding and maintaining third-party integrations.

testimonial photo
Fahd Rafi, Chief Architect, Microsoft, California

Integry's ability to build an eco-system on top of your API is the best I've seen

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