Introducing: Flow

No-code cross app integration workflow builder empowering your users to draw use-case Flows from within your app
Hundreds of available apps to create integration use-case Flows
Easily offer new apps using low-code connector builder
Usage and performance analytics
Offer your own premade integration use-case workflows
Publish all of this on a beautiful fully customizable no-code integrations marketplace on your own subdomain
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Apps integration

Flow for your end-users

Flow's powerful no-code builder enables your users to perform actions on your SaaS or across hundreds of other apps with rules and logic they define

Powerful Flow Builder

Flow can be as simple with a single action or as complex with conditional branching, loops, storage, and more. Yes! Think bi-directional.

Publish Flow in minutes

Publish Flow on your subdomain and fully customize integrations marketplace for your SaaS.

Offer premade integration use-case Flows or let your users build their own Flows.

Customize header, background, images, favicon, make it completely your own apps clone!
Add, edit, or remove categories.
Unlimited integration use-case cards powered by our no-code Flow builder
Dedicated and customizable integration workflow use-case pages
Add carousel images to explain each integration workflow use case and setup instructions

Integry Connects to Hundreds of Apps

Explore our marketplace to browse all pre-supported connectors. Integry keeps adding new connectors and capabilities every week.

Pricing & Availability

Integry Flow is available in closed beta today and we are gradually onboarding waitlist applicants.

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Integry Flow's waitlist applicants enjoy an exclusive Free plan with even more (25k per month) runs included. A run is when a flow is executed.

Billed Additionaly


/ Run

Beyond that, Flow is charged on usage around $0.009 for every run with discounts available on committed usage.

So are you ready? Let’s integrate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flow?

Flow is Integry latest workflow builder for your App's end-users. Using Flow, your users can create automations between your App and hundreds of Third-Party Apps, without leaving your App's instance.

What are connectors?

Connectors are Third Party Apps that are connected to Integry. Our Customers have access to all connectors.

What is a connector builder?

While Integry is pre-connected to hundreds of Third Party Apps, Connector builder enables you to build connectors for Apps that do not currently exist on Integry.

How do I roll out popular integration requests to all end-users?

When you sign-up for Integry, you get access to Integry App. Using this app, you can create popular integrations to be published to your Integry powered App Marketplace. All App Marketplaces created with Integry come pre-loaded with Flow builder.

What’s an Apps’ Marketplace for my SaaS?

Apps Marketplace is a subdomain ( which is powered by Integry and enables you to unify all your Apps, plugins and partners in one place.

When will Flow be available?

We are testing flow internally and gradually onboarding waitlist applicants. Our team will be in touch as soon as your Flow account is ready.

Is there a monthly or annual subscription fee for Flow?

Flow comes with a $0/mo subscription fee with 10k Runs per month included. Waitlist customers benefit from an exclusive 25k/mo Runs allowance.

If you consume all your free runs in a month, we'll bill you for the additionally consumed runs. There is no minimum commitment required.

What is a Run?

Runs are Integry's usage metric. Every time your defined workflow is executed to successfully return data, a Run is consumed.

If I'm an existing customer, how can I get Flow?

Get in touch with your Success Manager to activate flow for your account.