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What are Runs?

A Run is when an integration executes. It can have any number of steps or API calls and it can move any amount of data.

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user created integrations

User Created Integrations

With user-friendly editor, your users can create their own integrations and fulfill their own integration needs.
workflow builder

Workflow Builder

Build any integration using our powerful visual editor to take the work out of workflow.
hundreds of apps

Hundreds of Apps

Apps are the building blocks of a workflow and we provide a ton of apps for you to play with as well as new apps released weekly.
app connector

App Connector

Rollout powerful Connectors to your own APIs or apps.


Find what you are looking for even with countless events flowing through your integrations.

What People are Saying

testimonial photo

Integry helped us dramatically grow our Enterprise pipeline with short term actionable solutions, while empowering our Product team with valuable long term insights on integration usage!

Gilles Bertaux, CEO
testimonial photo

Integry gives us a fast and easy way to include integrations with the Sendinblue app so customers can sync contacts from various platforms with ease.

Gehad Moeiza, Engineering Manager
testimonial photo longer having to deal with connecting new integrations to our app and especially not having to worry about deprecated APIs

Brandon Christman, Integration Success Manager
testimonial photo

Integry takes one big problem off our plate and lets us focus on the business instead. We don't have to worry about coding and maintaining third-party integrations.

Adeel Raza, CEO
testimonial photo

Integry's ability to build an eco-system on top of your API is the best I've seen

Fahd Rafi, Chief Architect, Microsoft, California

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start using Integry?
  • You need to have an API
  • You are a SaaS product
  • You need to implement SSO with Integry
Does Integry support data importing?

Yes, when a user sets up an integration, you can setup a workflow that can pull data from one app into yours. This is implemented through Integry queries with built-in advanced pagination.

Does Integry support two-way sync?

Yes, Integry supports two-way syncing, object serialization, management of duplicate updates, one-way syncing, data mapping, custom field mapping, data transformation and more.

What are the next steps once I've signed up?

Once you're inside The Integry App, you follow the following steps to ship your first integration:

  1. Create your App on Integry using the form based, low-code Connector Builder
  2. Create your App Directory in a few simple steps to function as your integrations' UI
  3. Create an integration workflow using the visual Workflow Builder
  4. A user-friendly workflow builder is automatically added to your App Directory, so your users can create their own integrations and fulfil their own integration needs as well.
Are there any limitations on the number of integrations, users, apps?

You can connect to as many apps, create as many integrations as you want. You can have any number of end-users for your app. We charge you on the basis of usage.

What is a run and how is it measured?

Runs are Integry's usage metric. Every time your defined workflow is executed to successfully return data, a Run is consumed.

Is there a monthly or annual subscription fee?

Integry comes with a $0/mo subscription fee with 10k Runs per month included. If you consume all your free runs in a month, we'll bill you for the additionally consumed runs. There is no minimum commitment required.